Who will pay for health care?

Shamus Cooke has a good article here, and I agree with his point that corporate lobbying interests are watering down the health care debate.  But really, do we want the type of health care Canada and the UK deliver?  Do you want to wait weeks for a doctor to see you?  People there who have enough money come to the US to get the best surgery money can buy.  We all need  emergency care for sure, but what happened to prevention? If Americans knew most of the food we eat is poisonous to us, maybe we would think twice before eating it.  I don’t think Big Brother telling us NO, or else, is the answer, but education is.  Lets ditch the GMO’s, high fructose corn srup, fluoride, trans-fats, poly-pharma, aspartame, msg, processed food lifestyle and get real.    We would need a whole lot less “health” care.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?.

Gvt. mandated health care will not be pretty.  Everything we do will have to be tracked and traced in the global cashless slave grid panopticon to make certain we aren’t doing anything that isnt approved by the “health dpt.”  If the gvt. is going to pay for my eugenics “health” care then they can just keep my money and continue giving it to the banksters for all I care.

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