Ron Paul trashes the cap and trade bill

GMO corn is safe according to the EU food agency

On June 30th, 2009, The European Union food agency showed the world once again where their allegiance lies, and I’ll give you one guess where that is. If you said with the people you are dead wrong. They have sided with the bio-tech and big agraculture to conclude that GMO corn is “safe”. This directly flies in the face of consumers in Europe, who have rejected GMO products and forced companies food companies to take GMO ingredients out of their products. The same products which in the US have GMO ingredients.

Bio-Tech industries, including Monsanto, have claimed that their goal is to have all food to be genetically engineered. There are three reasons why this may be their goal.

  1. Blind ignorance to the documented dangers of genetic engineering in most of the scientific experiments, due to the belief that their products will save world hunger.
  2. Greed-Control all the food and you make all the profit.
  3. The depopulation agenda: Poison the world and you will get rid of the bigges problem-too many people.

Unfortunately for you and me, answer number 3 is likely the real reason. Again and again, the power elite eugenicists have proclaimed there are too many people, and they are actively trying reduce the population.

Search engine: eugenics, depopulation and watch this movie to understand what I mean:

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