Million TIMES More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!

In looking for some verification of the ‘million-times more squalene’ than was in ‘Vaccine A’ that caused the catastrophic Gulf War I Illness (which ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of troops and killed thousands of others -ed), I came across this article…
What’s The Danger of Swine Flu Vaccinations?
By Dr. Anders Bruun Laursen
“…So, as you see, there is no confusion with regard to swine flu and bird flu viruses. But there is another important consideration: the role of squalene.
The average quantity of squalene injected into the US soldiers abroad and at home in the anthrax vaccine during and after the Gulf War was 34.2 micrograms per billion micrograms of water. According to one study, this was the cause othe Gulf War syndrome in 25% of 697.000 US personnel at home and abroad. (3). You can find this table of FDA analyses from the Gulf War lots on The Military Vaccine Resource Directory website (4)
a.. AVA 020 – 11 ppb squalene (parts per billion)
b.. AVA 030 – 10 ppb squalene
c.. AVA 038 – 27 ppb squalene
d.. AVA 043 – 40 ppb squalene
e.. AVA 047 – 83 ppb squalene
These values were confirmed by Prof. R. F. Garry (5) before the House of Representatives. Prof Garry was the man to discover the connection between the Gulf War syndrome and squalene.
According to his findings, the Gulf War syndrome was caused by squalene, which was banned by a Federal Court Judge in 2004 from the Pentagons use. (6)
As seen on p. 6 of this EMEA document (7), the Pandremix vaccine contains 10,68 mg of squalene per 0,5 ml. This corresponds to 2.136.0000 microgrammes pr. billion microgrammes of water, i.e. one million times more squalene per dose than in (4). There is any reason to believe that this will make people sick to a much higher extent than in 1990/91. This appears murderous to me.”
Then, in looking for some confirmation on Novartis putting gp 120 (an HIV/AIDS protein) in their vaccines, I found the following…
The Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu
By Dr Russell Blaylock
“…Novartis, the second contender, also has an agreement with WHO for a pandemic vaccine. Novartis appears to have won the contract, since their vaccine is near completion. What is terrifying is that these pandemic vaccines contain ingredients, called immune adjuvants that a number of studies have shown cause devastating autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.
Animal studies using this adjuvant have found them to be deadly. A study using 14 guinea pigs found that when they were injected with the special adjuvant, only one animal survived. A repeat of the study found the same deadly outcome.
So, what is this deadly ingredient? It is called squalene, a type of oil. The Chiron company, maker of the deadly anthrax vaccine, makes an adjuvant called MF-59 which contains two main ingredients of concern-squalene and gp120. A number of studies have shown that squalene can trigger all of the above-mentioned autoimmune diseases when injected.
The MF-59 adjuvant has been used in several vaccines. These vaccines, including tetanus and diphtheria, are the same vaccines frequently associated with adverse reactions.
I reviewed a number of studies on this adjuvant and found something quite interesting. Several studies done on human test subjects found MF-59 to be a very safe immune adjuvant. But when I checked to see who did these studies, I found-to no surprise-that they were done by the Novartis Pharmaceutical Company and Chiron Pharmaceutical Company, which have merged. They were all published in “prestigious” medical journals. Also, to no surprise, a great number of studies done by independent laboratories and research institutions all found a strong link between MF-59 and autoimmune diseases.
Squalene in vaccines has been strongly linked to the Gulf War Syndrome. On August 1991, Anthony Principi, Secretary of Veterans Affairs admitted that soldiers vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine from 1990 to 1991 had an increased risk of 200 percent in developing the deadly disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. The soldiers also suffered from a number of debilitating and life-shortening diseases, such as polyarteritis nodosa, multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, transverse myelitis (a neurological disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord), endocarditis (inflammation of the heart’s inner lining), optic neuritis with blindness and glomerulonephritis (a type of kidney disease).
The second ingredient, and one that greatly concerns me, is called gp120, a glycoprotein. Researchers found when it was mixed with squalene, the glycoprotein became strongly antigenic – that is, it produced a powerful and prolonged immune response to the vaccination. In fact, their studies show that with each dose, the intense immune reaction lasts over a year.
Now for the shocker-the glycoprotein-gp120, a major component of MF-59 vaccine adjuvant, is the same protein fragment isolated from HIV – the virus that is responsible for the rapid dementia seen in AIDS patients.
Studies have shown that when gp120 is taken up by the microglia cells in the brain, it causes intense inflammation and makes the brain subject to excitotoxic damage-a process called immunoexcitotoxicity. This is also the cause of the MS and optic neuritis associated with vaccines that contain MF-59.
So, how would the gp120 get into the brain? Studies of other immune adjuvants using careful tracer techniques have shown that they routinely enter the brain following vaccination. What most people do not know, even the doctors who recommend the vaccines, is that most such studies by pharmaceutical companies observe the patients for only one to two weeks following vaccination-these types of reactions may take months or even years to manifest.
It is obvious that the vaccine manufacturers stand to make billions of dollars in profits from this WHO/government-promoted pandemic. Novartis, the maker of the new pandemic vaccine, recently announced that they would not give free vaccines to impoverished nations-everybody pays.
One must keep in mind that once the vaccine is injected, there is little you can do to protect yourself-at least by conventional medicine. It will mean a lifetime of crippling illness and early death.
There are much safer ways to protect oneself from this flu virus, such as higher doses of vitamin D3, selective immune enhancement using supplements, and a good diet.” End of excerpt by Dr. Blaylock.
– Gary Jacobucci

USDA Wants Genetic Engineering Allowed in Organic

Unfortunately, this is the logical outcome of appointing a former Monsanto lawyer to be the head of the USDA.  This agency is totally out of touch with what the public, and especially the organic consumer want.  Here is the article:

The Unexplored Potential of Organic-Biotech Production
Global Agricultural Information Network
By Cyndi Barmore
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, 5/26/2009

Read this commentary by Jeffrey Smith regarding Obama’s appointments to the USDA and FDA.

You’re Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It’s Not So!

Swine Flu News

Some interesting articles concerning the swine flu:

Even Top Climate Change Negotiator Admits Cap And Tax “Out Of Control”

Former climate change negotiator for Bill Clinton and Democratic Senator Timothy Wirth admits that the cap and trade proposal is “out of control,” and makes no sense whatsoever.

Such a scornful rebuke from somebody who would normally be expected to vehemently support climate change legislation goes to show just how nightmarish the plans really are.

Read the full article here


Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, the economists who invented the entire cap-and-trade concept say it probably won’t work in regards to climate change.

Whatever you think about global warming, carbon trading is a scam which will only create a new profit-making machine and speculative bubble for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the rest of the boys who caused the financial crisis.

Flu Pandemic Resource

Original article here.  Thanks to for this amazing resource

Wal-Mart Wants to Dispense Untested H1N1 vaccine

Infowars | It will be like something out of an under budgeted B science fiction flick.

Senior Citizens Left Off Government’s Swine-Flu Vaccination Priority List

CNSNews | Some senior citizens complain they’ve been left off the list of people who will be first in line to get the swine flu vaccination.

Utah prepares for swine flu vaccinations

KSL TV 5 | State and local health departments are working on details for how those vaccinations will be administered.

H1N1 Pandemic: Pentagon Planning Deployment of Troops in Support of Nationwide Vaccination

Michel Chossudovsky | Militarization of public health in the case of emergency is now official.

Corporate Media Gets You Ready for Your Forced Experimental Vaccination

Infowars | Robert Gates, the Bush admin leftover at the Pentagon, is ready to sign off on a plan to marry troops with FEMA for the engineered pandemic scheduled for later this year.

Health Officials Admit Fast Tracked H1N1 Vaccines Will Not Be Tested for Safety

Harold Gray | Society cannot afford to give into fear, and set the precedent for governmental institutions to invade our bodies forcibly with untested, unsafe vaccines, without legal recourse, for a virus that has killed so few.

Epidemiologist Speaks Out on Pandemic Fear Mongering

Spiegel Online | Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson speaks about dangerous fear-mongering, misguided, money-driven research and why we should all be washing our hands a lot more often.

Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program

Michel Chossudovsky | People are misled on the nature and history of the New World Order.

University Of Alabama Implements Mandatory Vaccination Program

Paul Joseph Watson | New students informed: No jabs, no enrollment

Catherine Austin Fitts: Purpose of Flu Vaccine is Depopulation

Catherine Austin Fitts | I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season.

World Health Officials Say Two Billion People May Contract Swine Flu

VOA | WHO says thousands more could die unless an effective vaccine is developed soon.

Military To Work With FEMA During Swine Flu Pandemic

Paul Joseph Watson | CNN report stokes fears of martial law, mandatory vaccination program.

Vaccines Far More Deadly Than Swine Flu

The Institute of Science in Society | This report has been submitted to Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer of the UK, and to the US Food and Drugs Administration.

NGO Suggests Elderly Should Be the First to Go in a Pandemic

Herald | NGO says “age-specific prioritization” should rule who gets anti-virals.

New York Proposes Mandatory Vaccinations for Health Care Workers

Crain’s Business New York | The new rule would apply not just to staff, but to anyone who potentially comes into direct contact with patients. That includes contract workers, students and volunteers.

Government Swine Flu Advisor On Vaccine Maker Payroll

Paul Joseph Watson | Profiting from the overhyped pandemic, the pigs feed at the trough while millions will be exposed to an untested vaccine which contains an ingredient linked to debilitating diseases.

Flu Pandemic: Mass Graves and Martial Law

Kurt Nimmo | In addition to planning mass graves and crematoriums operating around the clock, governments are planning to implement martial law.

Scare Tactics: CDC Says H1N1 Could Kill Hundreds of Thousands If Vaccine Fails

Los Angeles Times | CDC says swine flu will kill more than the 36,000 Americans who die each year from regular influenza.

Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | This article is of particular relevance to the current debate on the H1N1 swine flu virus and plans by the WHO, The Obama Administration and Big Pharma to develop a swine flu vaccine.

Hundreds volunteer for SLU swine flu vaccine study

St. Louis Business Journal | Saint Louis University has received 500 calls from people interested in volunteering to try a new swine flu vaccine.

New York Times Propaganda: Swine Flu May Cause Seizures in Children

New York Times | The nation’s top public health officials are alerting doctors that swine flu may cause seizures, after four children were hospitalized in Texas for neurological complications.

12,000 U.S. Children To Be Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs

Paul Joseph Watson | Kids to receive untested shots which include ingredient linked to Gulf War Syndrome.

FEMA to Conduct Massive NLE 09 Martial Law Exercise Next Week

Kurt Nimmo | FEMA will conduct a martial law exercise with state, local, tribal and foreign “partners” on July 27 through July 31.

U.S. has bought 195 million doses of H1N1 vaccine

Reuters | The U.S. government has bought 195 million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine for a possible autumn vaccination campaign.

Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not Be Given To Children In Schools

Barbara Loe Fisher | National Vaccine Information Center called on Obama and state Governors to provide evidence that there are vaccine safety screening, recording, monitoring, reporting and vaccine injury compensation mechanisms in place.

Drug groups to reap swine-flu billions

The Financial Times | Some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are reaping billions of dollars in extra revenue amid global concern about the spread of swine flu.

Agencies to set up mass swine flu vaccinations

San Francisco Chronicle | “It’s definitely a larger vaccination than anything we’ve seen, or anything in my lifetime,” said a deputy health officer.

Public Health Official: Canada Needs “No Fault” Compensation for People Harmed by Vaccine

Canwest News Service | The Public Health Agency of Canada has no plans to compensate people who may be injured by an H1N1 vaccine.

Now Legal Immunity for Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

F. William Engdahl | An indication that the world is being taken for colossal suckers in the WHO Swine Flu scare scenario — the WHO has just decided to stop tracking Swine Flu.

Brit Home Secretary: Swine Flu Greater Threat Than Terrorism

Telegraph | “We have been preparing for this for a long time. It came actually above terrorism as a threat to this country.”

Germany Prepares for Mass Flu Vaccinations

Deutsche Welle | Health state ministers agreed that chronically ill patients, health care workers, police officers, fire fighters, public workers and pregnant women can receive the injections first.

Big Pharma Gets Legal Immunity for Flu Vaccines

ShortNews | On Friday, Kathleen Sebelius, who is Secretary of Health and Human Services, signed a document which gives legal immunity to vaccine makers and Officials alike.

Government Announces Flu Pandemic PSA Propaganda Contest

Kurt Nimmo | Sebelius’ PSA will ensure that millions of people are sufficiently brainwashed into believing tyranny is the only logical response to a manufactured flu pandemic.

Times Online Editor: We Didn’t Censor Opposition to Mandatory Vaccination Comments

Infowars | Times Online insists the comments were removed in an effort to upgrade web technology.

National Survey Finds Six in Ten Americans Believe Serious Outbreak of Influenza in Fall

Harvard School of Public Health | The polling was done June 22-28, 2009.

A Philosophical Argument against Forced Vaccination

John Burke | No well researched, honest nurse, doctor, or even bureaucrat would deny the risk involved in vaccinations.

London Times Censors Mass Opposition to Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine

Paul Joseph Watson | Scores of comments opposing enforced jab deleted from website.

New Mexico Department Of Health Prepares For Influenza Mass Vaccination Clinics

Medical News Today | The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising states that vaccine companies are working on producing an H1N1 vaccination that may require people get two shots in addition to the seasonal influenza vaccination.

Getting the Kids Ready for Soft Kill Vaccinations: “Mission Set: Immuno”

Kurt Nimmo | UNICEF and Swedish toymaker BRIO have teamed up to get kids ready for their coming soft kill vaccinations.

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination Alert

Stephen Lendman | In the coming weeks, the dominant media globally will get into high gear fear-mongering mode to convince people voluntarily to submit to jeopardizing their health and well-being.

Flu Shots Put Children in the Hospital

S. L. Baker | Results show that youngsters who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization, as compared to children who had not received the vaccine.

U.S. orders $690M in swine-flu vaccine

San Francisco Business Times | The federal government is committing more than $800 million to buy more of the two key ingredients to make the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

Students 1st in Line For Flu Vaccine

Washington Post | School-age children will be a key target population for a pandemic flu vaccine in the fall, and they may be vaccinated at school in a mass campaign not seen since the polio epidemics of the 1950s.

Discovery Channel to Run Viral Pandemic Survival Show

Kurt Nimmo | Corporate “entertainment” media hypes H1N1 pandemic and prepares the masses for their compulsory soft-kill vaccine.

Experimental Vaccine to be Delivered in “Military-style Operation”

Times Online | When the new vaccine for swine flu arrives in Britain, regulators said this weekend, it could be approved for use in just five days.

Brits Tell Goons With Needles To Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Paul Joseph Watson | Respondents to newspaper story say they will refuse to take shot as health authorities insist “all Brits” will take swine flu vaccine.

All Britons to be vaccinated against A/H1N1 flu

Xinhua News Agency | All Britons could be vaccinated against the A/H1N1 flu as the number of confirmed cases in Britain is moving closer toward 10,000, health authorities said Sunday.

The Truth about the Flu Shot

Infowars | Under Executive Order 13295, the government claims to have the authority to force you into a concentration camp at gunpoint.

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations This Fall?

Paul Joseph Watson | U.S. government puts states on notice, WHO prepares announcement on jabs.

Florida prepares for huge swine flu shot program

Miami Herald | Florida’s surgeon general says the state is preparing for massive swine flu immunizations, starting with schoolchildren, as the Obama administration urges states to prepare for the likelihood that the virus might worsen in the fall.

Right to Self-Shield In the Event of a Pandemic

Rima E. Laibow | CDC and WHO are predicting that the H1N1 “Swine Flu” will be back this fall in a new and deadly form.

H1N1 Flu Preparedness Summit Held Today in Bethesda, Maryland

Infowars | HHS, DHS, and other federal agencies plan for an engineered pandemic this fall.

U.S. pledges $8.5 billion for fall swine flu shots

MSNBC | “We have already appropriated about a billion dollars to buy the bulk ingredients,” Sebelius told a swine flu “summit” of state and local leaders at the National Institutes of Health.

Swine Flu Vaccine: Will We Have A Choice?

Infowars | Barbara Loe Fisher, president National Vaccine Information Center, warns about “swine flu” and vaccines.

UK Claims 100,000 H1N1 Cases a Day by August

Guardian | More than 100,000 people could be diagnosed with swine flu every day by the end of August, the government said, announcing that the disease can no longer be contained in the UK.

Britain braces for 100,000 swine flu cases a day

Hindustan Times | The rising number of swine flu cases mean trying to contain the virus is no longer an option, Health Secretary Andy Burnham said in a statement on Thursday.

Norway Has 23 Case of H1N1, Decides to Vaccinate Entire Population

Infowars | Norway spends millions to vaccinate its population against a non-existent flu threat.

The CIA’s Swine Flu & Your Plastic FEMA Coffin

Goldenheart Chronicles | What better excuse to implement martial law than an illuminati created “global flu pandemic”?

Voluminous Research Proves Vaccines are Deadly

Infowars | The next time somebody calls you a conspiracy nut for warning about vaccines, print out this list and give it to them.

Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?

Independent | The swine flu pandemic might not have happened had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research laboratory in the late 1970s.

Mutant swine flu virus weathers medication

Press TV | Danish scientists have traced a new strain of H1N1 influenza, which has shown resistance to the foremost swine flu medication, Tamiflu.

Swine flu made in USA

Russia Today | An American investigative journalist, who claims that swine flu strains have been engineered in two universities in the US and Canada, says they’ve been deliberately designed to resist vaccines.

Obama gets billions for ‘pandemic’ Swine Flu

F. William Engdahl | Obama is preparing billions of taxpayer dollars for a virus which has not even been confirmed as the sole cause of a single human death and whose effects otherwise are comparable to a bad cold.

Swedish Government Recommends Two H1N1 Shots for Every Swede

Infowars | “The recommendation encompasses the purchase of a total of 18 million doses, which is enough to vaccinate the entire population of Sweden with two doses.”

Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine May Be in the Works

Kurt Nimmo | Citing the Nuremberg Code will be of little use when the government shows up and demands you submit to a vaccination.

Canada Plans to Vaccinate Entire Population

Windsor Star | Five-to-40-year-olds and Canada’s aboriginal communities should be the first to get vaccinated against human swine flu.

Brit Health Authorities Told to Set Up H1N1 Drug Distribution Centers

Independent | Primary care trusts are to set up anti-viral drug distribution centres and swine flu testing clinics amid fears that the infection could spread out of control.

FDA Threatens to Seize All Natural Products that Dare to Mention H1N1 Swine Flu

Mike Adams | In an effort to censor any online text that might inform consumers of the ability of natural products to protect consumers from H1N1 influenza A, the FDA is now sending out a round of warning letters.

Government Prepares For Mass Swine Flu Vaccinations

redOrbit | Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said she is urging school superintendents around the country to spend the summer preparing for the possibility of turning schools into swine flu vaccine clinics this fall.

Swine Flu Vaccination Poses Serious Threat to Your Health

Euro-med | The WHO has declared swine flu (N1H1) pandemic. This will probably imply governmental demands for universal mass vaccinations under penalty for not complying.

Baxter expects to deliver A/H1N1 vaccine to WHO by July

Pharmabiz | Baxter International Inc. has completed testing and evaluation of the A/H1N1 influenza virus and is now in full-scale production of a commercial A/H1N1 vaccine.

Government Readies Schools As Mass Vaccination Clinics

Paul Joseph Watson | Nationwide vaccination programs expected to be instituted this fall following WHO declaration of swine flu pandemic status.

Mutation of H1N1 Discovered in Brazil

AFP | Brazilian scientists have identified a new strain of the H1N1 virus after examining samples from a patient in Sao Paulo, their institute said Tuesday.

HHS’ Sebelius Targets Children for Vaccination

Infowars | An MSNBC report on the Obama administration’s fall vaccination program indicated it would be “required.”

Big Pharma Concocts First Swine Flu Vaccine

Agence France-Presse | Novartis announces experimental vaccine on the heels of the WHO declaring a level 6 pandemic.

WHO declares first 21st century flu pandemic

AFP | The World Health Organization declared the first flu pandemic of the 21st century on Thursday, Sweden’s health ministry said.

WHO Will Likely Declare Pandemic Today

ABC News | The World Health Organization appears poised this morning to formally declare that swine flu has reached the level of a full-blown pandemic, moving the viral outbreaks to a so-called phase 6 on the pandemic alert scale.

Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations

Stephen Lendman | In the wake of the hyped Swine Flu scare, media reports suggest mass vaccinations are coming.

Swine flu cases in Australia could force WHO to declare pandemic

Telegraph | The World Health Organization is “very, very close” to declaring an official swine flu pandemic, after a sharp spike in cases in several countries, including Australia.

France Considers Mandatory Flu Vaccinations

Kurt Nimmo | A director of the Institute of Health at the Université Paris Descartes told a French newspaper that “nobody would have the right, except in the case of a medical counter-indication, to refuse a vaccination.”

H1N1 synthetic flu may be test run for H5N1 avian flu

Wayne Madsen | The fear is that once a vaccination against AH1N1 is started, the virus will re-assort itself into a hybrid H1N1/H5N1 strain or mutate into a new H5N1 strain.

Government to Push H1N1 Vaccine Propaganda

Infowars | Are the governments of the world preparing to vaccinate the entire populace?

WHO rethinks criteria for Phase 6 pandemic flu

Reuters | The World Health Organization has changed its view on the criteria for raising its global flu alert, saying on Friday that it needed to see signs of severe effects before declaring a Phase 6 pandemic is underway.

H1N1 Virus: Manufactured or Result of “Human Error”?

Kurt Nimmo | Australian researcher suggests the H1N1 virus accidentally evolved in eggs scientists use to grow viruses and drugmakers use to make vaccines.

WHO: Flu to “Go Global” in Six to Nine Months

BBC | Researchers say swine flu has “full pandemic potential”, spreading readily between people and is likely to go global in the next six to nine months.

Hyped Flu Will Make Use of Expiring Tamiflu Stockpiles and Allow For Pre-Pandemic Priming of The Population

Harold Gray | This hoax, whether manufactured or taking advantage of, has enabled all aspects of the New World Order agenda to move forward.

New Jersey Township Stages Mock Mass Vaccination Drill | Motorists and their passengers who participate will be directed to a “safe” area where medical personal will ask them a few questions, provide mock vaccinations or medications, and wave them through upon completion.

Drug Company Money is Top Factor in Publication of Vaccine Studies

David Gutierrez | Flu vaccine studies that are funded by industry are significantly more likely to be published in prestigious journals and to later be cited in the scientific literature than studies without such funding.

Obama’s Fall Flu Shot

Washington Post | The Obama administration is considering an unprecedented fall vaccination campaign that could entail giving Americans three flu shots.

Flu Pandemic Propaganda and Profit

Kurt Nimmo | Flu pandemic propaganda makes the rounds as the next designer virus waits in the wings.

Flu Pandemic Hype Good for Globalism

YouTube | CDC bureaucrat preaches to the masses about the phony flu pandemic.

Special Weekend Broadcast: Alex Jones, Swine Flu Hoax

Infowars | Alex’s emergency weekend broadcast on the Swine Flu Hoax, posted on YouTube until the Alex Jones Channel was closed down.

Doctors Warned to Prepare for “Much Worse” Flu Outbreak in Autumn

Telegraph | “Our evidence from all previous pandemics is you get two phases. So you get a first wave which is often very mild and then you get a much more serious wave that comes along in the autumn and the winter.”

WHO takes a page from a Michael Crichton Novel

F. William Engdahl | As the late great American poet Yogi Berra might have put it, ‘this just gets absurder and absurder.’

Brits Consider Inflatable Mortuaries, Mass Graves in Response to Pandemic

Telegraph | In the worst-case scenario, the bodies of the dead could also be stored in refrigerator trucks. Coffins would be reused to cope with the huge numbers of fatalities.

Swine Flu A Hoax, But Martial Law All Too Real

Paul Joseph Watson | As officials all but guarantee deadlier form of H1N1 will return later this year, draconian response measures have been established with the aid of deceptive scaremongering and hype.

CDC Says Swine Flu May Merge With Other Flu Viruses

Bloomberg | Swine flu’s potential to reconfigure its genetic material and become more deadly is a “major concern.”

WHO Says Virus Will Return With “Vengeance” in Months Ahead

Financial Times | The head of the WHO hit back at critics who have accused it of over-reaction to the swine flu crisis, warning it may return “with a vengeance” in the months ahead.

Obama Promises to Spend Billions to Address Bogus H1N1 Pandemic

Kurt Nimmo | Thanks Bush for setting up the mechanics for a police state and martial law.

Are quarantines the next step in fight against swine flu?

Connecticut Post | Take precautions. This is not a drill.

Federal Troops Deployed Against Influenza Protesters in Mexico City

Infowars | It is only a matter of time before this psyop migrates to the United States and other countries. Mexico is merely the beta test.

Political Lies and Media Disinformation regarding the Swine Flu Pandemic

Michel Chossudovsky | Scare tactics serve to distract people’s attention from a devastating global economic crisis which is leading the world into mass poverty and unemployment.

Harkin: Free Flu Shots for All

Reuters | With the United States on alert for more cases of the new H1N1 swine flu virus, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said the government should include funding for free vaccines for all Americans in the supplemental spending bill now moving through Congress.

H1N1: Government May Soon Tell Australians to Stock 14 Days of Supplies

The Age | Australians could soon be asked to stock their pantries with food and water and prepare for an emergency, according to the Federal Government’s pandemic flu plan.

WHO says HIV patients at higher risk from flu

Reuters | People with HIV are at high risk from the new flu strain that the World Health Organization said is on the verge of a pandemic.

Drug companies responsible for swine flu outbreak?

Russia Today | With 16 deaths from swine flu confirmed worldwide, there’s a growing stir surrounding the H1N1 virus.

Killer Bird Flu in the Series Millennium

YouTube | A clip from X-Files creator Chris Carter’s television series Millennium dealing with a killer avian flu virus created and released by the Millennium Group, who want to fulfil an apocalyptic prophesy and bring about a New Dawn (i.e. New World Order).

Company warned officials of flu 18 days before alert was issued

McClatchy Newspapers | A biosurveillance firm raised the first warning about a possible outbreak of swine flu in Mexico more than two weeks before the World Health Organization offered its initial alert about a public health emergency of international concern.

WHO says existing vaccine little use against new flu

Reuters | The World Health Organization said on Friday that tests had shown the current seasonal vaccine against flu would have little effect against the new H1N1 strain.

Biden would shy away from “confined places” ‘closed aircraft, container or classroom’”

J.R. from California | While downplaying concerns about the flu’s spread across borders, Biden makes clear he would steer his family away from ‘confined’ spaces such as subways, airplanes, classrooms and malls.

Feds Plan Vaccines for All Americans by Fall

Fox News | “We think 600 million doses is achievable in a six-month time frame” from that fall start, Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Craig Vanderwagen said.

Mass Vaccination Centers Planned in Canada

North Bay Nugget | The health unit is planning mass vaccination clinics similar to the seasonal flu clinics that are available at various locations during the winter.

Swine Flu Hysteria Spreads Faster Than Actual Virus

Paul Joseph Watson | Why are governments acting as if armageddon is around the corner when swine flu has claimed just one victim all week?

Mass vaccination drill in Alaska

KTUU | Over the past two weeks, 11 schools have participated in an exercise to distribute the chicken pox vaccine to students.

The Great Swine Flu or the Great Flu Swindle?

Rady Ananda | How serious should we take mainstream media’s hysteria about 0.00000189 of Mexico’s total population contracting swine flu?

Fox News: Martial Law If It’s a Pandemic?

Paul Joseph Watson | Legal analyst says Americans would be willing to give up rights.

Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild

LA Times | Genetic data indicate this outbreak won’t be as deadly as that of 1918, or even the average winter.

Ohio National Guard Moves Tamaflu into Secure Buildings

12.160Mhz | Many scientists say Tamaflu is ineffective against this current designer virus.

Obama: ‘Whatever it takes’ as swine flu nears pandemic level

USA Today | The World Health Organization raised its global alert level to phase 5, just one level below 6, or “global pandemic.”

Biden: Stay Off Subways During Swine Flu Panic

MSNBC | Biden said today he would tell his family members not to use subways in the U.S. and implied schools should be shuttered.

WHO Officially Raises Alert Level to 5

MSNBC | The World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert for swine flu to the second highest level Wednesday, meaning that it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent.

Gov. Perry Issues Disaster Declaration for Entire State of Texas

Office of Gov. Perry | The disaster declaration allows the state to implement emergency protective measures in response to this public health threat.

Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Clears Massachusetts Senate

Infowars | S18 gives the Governor the power to authorize martial law.

Scientist predicted swine flu in 2004

Russia Today | Five years ago Professor Dmitry Lvov gave a detailed description of how a deadly pandemic flu virus was on the horizon.

Texas County Planned Mass Vaccinations in March

Infowars | Emergency management and their counterparts in Guadalupe County, Texas, prepared for a mass vaccination program in the event of a pandemic.

North Carolina “Involuntarily Isolating” Suspected Swine Flu Patients

Steve Watson | State refuses to divulge details of cases.

Container of swine virus explodes on Swiss train

Reuters | A container of flu virus samples packed in dry ice exploded on a Swiss train, injuring one person but posing no other risks to humans.

Weaponizing Deadly Viruses: Historical Precedents

Kurt Nimmo | History is replete with examples of government using biological and chemical agents for political purpose.

Time Magazine Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccinations

Paul Joseph Watson | Says public should “trust” government when it institutes draconian measures to deal with pandemic.

Government “Template” for Mass Vaccination

Kurt Nimmo | “The dispensing of medications/vaccine is a core function of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) plan and preparedness,” according to a Regional Counter Terrorism Task Forces document.

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AFP | US medical authorities expressed strong concern Friday about an unprecedented multi-strain swine flu outbreak that has killed at least 60 people in Mexico and infected seven people in the United States.

The Truth about Flu Shots

The Truth about Flu Shots

by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

“By 1853, Parliament began passing laws to make the untested vaccine compulsory throughout the British Empire. Other countries of Europe followed suit. Once the economic implications of compulsory vaccinations were realized, few dared to disagree. Then, as now, the media were controlled by the vaccine manufacturers and the government, who stood to make huge money from the sale of these spurious vaccines.” ~Dr. Tim O’Shea, “The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination I$ Not Immunization”

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had declared “Level 6” pandemic emergency with regard to the “swine flu.” Shortly thereafter, on cue, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that we should expect mass vaccination in this country to begin as early as September, 2009. We have been covering the development of the global pandemic preparedness machinery in The IO since June, 1998. It is our belief that this machine has been in motion since March 28, 2009 and will not be stopped; that the global influenza pandemic the CDC and WHO have been predicting (planning) for at least a decade will be declared—whether people are pandemically sick and dying or not—and the global mass vaccination campaign for which they have been preparing since the 1970s swine flu fiasco will commence—soon. It is absolutely crucial that you share the following information with your friends, family and both elected and appointed bureaucrats within your community.

1. What are the ingredients of the annual flu shot?

• Egg proteins: including avian contaminant viruses such as avian leucosis

• Gelatin: known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis – usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin proteins

• Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80): can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis

• Formaldehyde: known carcinogen

• Triton X100: a strong detergent

• Sucrose: table sugar

• Resin: known to cause allergic reactions

• Gentamycin: an antibiotic

• Thimerosal: 49.6 percent ethyl mercury (still in multidose vials)

2. Do flu shots prevent the flu?

Not in babies: In a review of more than 51 studies involving more than 294,000 children it was found there was “no evidence that injecting children 6-24 months of age with a flu shot was any more effective than placebo. In children over 2 years, it was only effective 33 percent of the time in preventing the flu. Reference: “Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children.” The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2 (2008).

Not in children with asthma: In a study of 800 children with asthma, where one half were vaccinated and the other half did not receive the influenza vaccine, the two groups were compared with respect to clinic visits, emergency department (ED) visits, and hospitalizations for asthma. CONCLUSION: This study failed to provide evidence that the influenza vaccine prevents pediatric asthma exacerbations. Reference: Christly, C. et al. Arch Dis Child. 2004 Aug 89 (8):734-738

Not in children with asthma (2): “The inactivated flu vaccine, Flumist, does not prevent influenza-related hospitalizations in children, especially the ones with asthma…In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than children who do not get the vaccine.” Reference: The American Thoracic Society’s 105th International Conference, May 15-20, 2009, San Diego.

Not in adults: In a review of 48 reports including 66,000 adults, “Vaccination of healthy adults only reduced risk of influenza by 6 percent and reduced the number of missed work days by less than one day (0.16) days. It did not change the number of people needing to go to the hospital or take time off work.” Reference: The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. “Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults” 1(2006)

Not in the Elderly: In a review of 64 studies in 98 flu seasons of the elderly living in nursing homes, flu shots were non-significant for preventing the flu. For elderly living in the community, vaccines were not (significantly) effective against influenza, ILI (influenza-like illnesses) or pneumonia. Reference: The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. “Vaccines for preventing influenza in the elderly” 3(2006).

3. What about the new Swine (H1N1) Flu shot?

On June 11, 2009, WHO announced a Level 6 Pandemic

• A new report from a WHO advisory group predicts that global production of vaccine for the novel H1N1 influenza virus could be as much as 4.9 billion doses a year, far higher than previous estimates.

• The report states that vaccine makers are expected to produce about 780 million doses of seasonal flu vaccine for the northern hemisphere’s 2009-2010 flu season for the U.S.:

• 350 million doses will be ready by June 30, 2009

• 430 million doses will be ready by July 31, 2009

• Pandemic” H1N1 vaccine will be made in PER.C6 cells (human retinal cells) and contain either AS04 (by GlaxoSmithKline) or MF59 (by Novartis), an oil-in-water “squalene-based” adjuvant known to trigger severe autoimmunity in test animals (see chart below).


In May 2009, HHS contracted with the following companies to produce both antigen

and adjuvants for production of a 2009 pandemic H1N1 flu vaccine:

Orders for Bulk Supply of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Antigen and Adjuvant


Bulk Vaccine Antigen

Oil-In-Water Bulk Adjuvant

Novartis $150 million $139 million
GlaxoSmithKline $ 38 million $144 million
Sanofi Pasteur $191 million
CSL Biotherapies $180 million
MedImmune $ 90 million
Total $649 million $283 million


• Federal health officials will probably recommend that most Americans get three flu shots this fall: One regular flu shot and two doses of the new swine flu vaccine being rushed to market.

• The “working hypothesis” of the CDC is that most Americans will need two swine flu shots to get full protection, although “the elderly (people born before 1957) may be able to get away with just one,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the agency’s director of immunization and respiratory disease.

4. Is “Mandatory Vaccination” with the new swine flu possible?

1946: the United States Public Health Service was established and Executive Order (EO) 9708 was signed, listing the communicable diseases that could be corralled using quarantines. Between 1946 and 2003, cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis, typhoid, smallpox, yellow fever and viral hemorrhagic fevers were added.

April 4, 2003: EO 13295 added SARS to the list.

April 1, 2005: EO 13295 amended to include “Influenza caused by novel or re-emergent influenza viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic.

• The power to quarantine was delegated by the President to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to be determined at his or her discretion.

• The Secretary of HHS was given the power to arrange for the “apprehension and examination of persons reasonably thought to be infected.” A cough or a fever could put a person at risk of being quarantined for an extended period of time and without legal recourse.

January 28, 2003: Introduction of Project BioShield during President Bush’s State of the Union Address. This created a permanent “indefinite funding authority to develop medical countermeasures.”

• New authority was given to the National Institutes of Health to accelerate research and development of drugs and vaccines. Emergency approval would be given to “fast tracked” drugs and vaccines deemed necessary in combatting a biological warfare attack or pandemic, bypassing standard safety testing by the Food and Drug Administration.

December 17, 2006: Division E—Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA) was added as an addendum to the Defense Appropriations Bill HR 2863 at 11:20 pm on Saturday night, long after House Committee members had signed off on the bill and gone home for the holidays. Section (b)(1) states, “The Sec of HHS can make a determination that a ‘disease, health condition or threat’ constitutes a public health emergency. He or she may then recommend ‘the manufacture, testing, development, administration, or use of one or more covered counter measures…’ A covered countermeasure, defined in Division E, is a ‘pandemic product, vaccine or drug.’”

• Division E also provides complete liability protection for all drugs, vaccines or biological products deemed to be a “covered countermeasure” for an outbreak of any kind. Protection has been given to the drug companies for any product administered for any public health emergency declared by the Secretary of HHS.

• Pharma is now protected from all accountability, unless criminal intent to harm can be proven by the injured party. Drug companies are protected from lawsuits, even if they know the drug will be harmful. (Criminal intent would be nearly impossible to prove).

5. What can we do to protect ourselves and communities?

• Share this information with everyone you know

• Contact local first responders (EMTs, paramedics, firemen, doctors and nurses) and let them know what is in the shots since “they” will be the first ones to get it.

• Contact your county commissioners, sheriff and local police to discuss your concerns about the looming threat of mandatory vaccination, quarantine and confiscation of private property for either quarantine or drug/vaccine dispensing clinics. Consider taking them some homebaked cookies to get in the door while attaching a friendly face to the cause of liberty and our fundamental right to exempt ourselves from forced medical experimentation.

• Contact local city council members about our constitutional right to refuse a pandemic vaccine that has the potential to kill or maim without the recipient having any legal recourse.

• Write a small article or letter to the editor for local, community newspapers. Check out sample articles and letters on and

• Have at least a month supply of food and water in your home and be prepared to voluntarily self-quarantine if given no other options.

• Stock up on Vitamin D3 (3,000 IU per person), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, colloidal silver and homeopathics for both preventing and treating the flu.

• Check out A .pdf of their oath for easy printing will be on I am sharing this important oath with our local military recruitment offices, reservists and retired military people we know.

• Connect with other activist organizations such as – those who support 2nd amendment issues, environmental and “real” food safety issues, animal rights and health freedom issues. Work together to spread the word about their liberty issues while you encourage their involvement with the mandatory vaccine resistance movement. Every compulsory vaccination campaign in history has been a public health disaster. Note the quote from Dr. Tom O’Shea above. To allow organized medicine to continue compelling mass vaccination can only occur as a result of collective ignorance and cultural complacency.

As stated years ago by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic physician and director of OsteoMed II and New Medical Awareness Seminars. She is the author of Fowl! Bird Flu – It’s not what you think and Saying No to Vaccines – A Resource Guide for All Ages. She is a popular and well known speaker, writer and radio guest. For more information, go to or or call (440) 2391878.

Books being cooked to justify Level 6

According to the WHO as of June 19, 2009, 88 countries have reported the presence of a novel flu virus, with a total of 48,954 cases and 193 deaths worldwide attributed to the new “bug.” WHO statistics for the U.S., which has the most reported cases of any one country, are 17,855 cases and 44 deaths. However, the CDC claims 21,449 cases and 87 deaths as of June 13 (In Mexico, the alleged epicenter of the current pandemic, the WHO reports a total of 9,007 cases and 118 deaths.) By looking on the CDC website, the case definition for those allegedly infected with the novel H1N1 virus changed on June 1, 2009, to include cases that are influenza-like illnesses (ILIs) that test positive for influenza A but negative for human H3 and H1; previously healthy adults 65 and older who are hospitalized for an ILI; a person who has an ILI that resides in a state without confirmed cases, but has traveled to a state or country where there are one or more confirmed or probable cases, or; a person with an ILI who has an epidemiologic link in the past 7 days to a confirmed case or probable case. The CDC is blatantly padding the numbers.

The CDC has also admitted that 71 percent of hospitalizations occurred in people with chronic underlying conditions such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. How many had received the annual flu vaccine was not revealed even though this past season’s flu vaccine contained “A/Brisbane/29/2007 (H1N1) -like virus (A/Brisbane/29/2007 IVR 148) and A/Brisbane/10/2007 (H3N2)-like virus (A/Uruguay/716/2007 NYMC X-175C)” and live flu viruses such as contained in FluMist are known to “mutate” while recipients are infectious for 21 days.

Although there was a lot of panic in Mexico over deaths attributed to the “novel” flu virus, Celia Alpuche, head of the main lab in Mexico that does influenza testing, told ScienceInsider that “There is no scientific evidence, up to date, that we have a different A (H1N1) virus other than human seasonal or swine-origin H1N1.”

On April 25, 2009, Yeny Gregorio Dávila of Mexico City posted the following on the BBC News website: “As a doctor, I realise that the media does not report the truth. Authorities distributed vaccines among all the medical personnel with no results, because two of my partners who worked in this hospital (interns) were killed by this new virus in less than six days even though they were vaccinated as all of us were. The official number of deaths is 20, nevertheless, the true number of victims are more than 200. I understand that we must avoid to panic, but telling the truth it might be better now to prevent and avoid more deaths.” It is apparent to anyone who understands the deadly nature of vaccines that the vaccine administered to the medical personnel in Mexico proved to be deadly.

But no proof that a novel H1N1 virus actually exists has been produced. Dr. Stefan Lanka from Klein-Klein-Aktion is offering €10,000 to anyone who is able to produce a scientific paper proving the existence of the alleged novel H1N1 flu virus. To date, not one scientist or public health official has come forward with the proof of a novel H1N1 flu virus and the media is generally uninterested in the fact that proof of a “virus” associated with a novel swine flu strain is nonexistent.