Call the Governor Today to Stop Illegal Forced flu Shots

Today it’s Healthcare Workers, Tomorrow it Will be Everybody
State Government Announces Forced Flu Shots H1N1 are next.
In an unprecedented power grab, Richard Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health has issued an order requiring all healthcare workers to get the seasonal flu shot by November 30 or face termination. Daines justifies this seizure of rights by making the bogus claim that there is a seasonal flu emergency in New York. In another unprecedented move, unlike all other vaccine mandates under New York law, no exemptions will be allowed for religious reasons.
Please join the Autism Action Network in fighting this outrageous trampling of workers basic rights. Please click on the Take Action link to send email messages to your State Senator, your Assemblymember, Richard Daines and his boss, Governor David Paterson, and demand that this illegal action stop immediately.
And on Monday, September 21, please call Governor Paterson and Commissioner Daines and demand that they cancel this illegal trampling of rights. Today it is the healthcare workers, tomorrow it could be you and your children.
Governor David Paterson, (518) 474-8390
Commissioner Richard Daines, (518) 474-2011
A coalition of groups and individuals are organizing a rally for vaccine rights in Albany, Tuesday, September 29, 10 am, in the East Capitol Park. Visits to your legislators, the Governor and Commissioner Daines to follow. More details will follow as they develop.
Daines has no authority to declare a non-existent public health emergency–according to the NYSDOH’s own data there was only 68 confirmed cases of flu in the week ending on September 12 in a state of 19,500,000 people. And none of the laws cited by Daines in a document explaining his actions gives him the authority to override existing law by decree according to an analysis performed by attorneys working with the Autism Action Network. The Autism Action Network is reviewing options for legal action.
Healthcare workers have always had the right to make their own vaccination choices, and according to the CDC 60% or more of all physicians and nurses choose not to get the seasonal flu shot. If this unsubstantiated pretext can be used for the seasonal flu then a similar claim could be made for any other diseases such as H1N1 flu and amy other vaccine.
New York is very familiar with Daines’ contempt for our basic rights. He was the author of Assembly Bill 10942, “The Worst Vaccine Bill Ever” from two years ago that would have made it a crime for New York residents not to strictly follow the federal “recommended” vaccine schedule, and the law applied to babies, children and adults. We stopped him then. We can stop him now, but we need your support. Call Daines. Call the Governor. Send email to your State Senator and Assemblymember. And send this information to everyone you know who cares about health choice and vaccine rights.

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  1. I work for an Oncologly Clinic in Wa. State. Our MD’s are trying to force us to get the flu shot via scare tatics, stating they will probley make it mandatory next year. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and have never seen anything like this before, I cant believe this is the USA the land of our freedom. Today the flu shot, tomarrow the mark of the beast, and I wont take either one. I understand that Multicare is trying to force their nurses to get the flu shot, the ones that do not get it they are making them wear a different color name tag. Im not sure if its about money or just government control, but they have come out and said the swine flu has not developed into cases as bad as once thought. So why the Hpye? Nurse the will forfeit her career for her American rights.

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