Dr. Daines, shame on you!

State Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines, shame on you for mandating on August 13th that health care workers to get the seasonal and h1n1 flu shots.   This is completely unamerican and quite frankly stinks of national socialist (nazi) dr. mengele “medicine”.  There are a few compelling reasons to seriously consider this vaccine dangerous.

And last but certainly not least, Dr. Daines, State Health Commissioner for New York is mandating all health care workers to get the flu vaccines, but admits he does not plan to get them himself! This is not freedom but tyranny.  Dr. Daines, what about Obama saying that there will be no mandatory vaccines?  If fears prove correct, and the vaccine does prove to be deadly, then the blood of the innocent will be on your hands sir.  Even if it proves to be harmless and even works to stop the spreading of h1n1, this is an aweful precedent to set, and your name will go down in history as a key enabler to tyranny.   Repent while you still can my friend.

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