Swine Flu links of the day

Military to get mandatory swine flu shots soon

By LOLITA C. BALDOR (AP) – 12 hours ago

WASHINGTON — U.S. military troops will begin getting required swine flu shots in the next week to 10 days, with active duty forces deploying to war zones and other critical areas going to the front of the vaccine line, a top military commander said Tuesday.

When getting a flu shot goes bad

Sarnia Observer – Cathy Dobson
Many cases occurred in the winter of 1976-77 in people who received the swine flu vaccine, according to the GBS Foundation International.

Health workers rally against mandatory flu vaccinations

RocNow – Chris Swingle – ‎
He gets the seasonal flu shot but plans to refuse the H1N1 vaccine because he’s not convinced of its safety and he objects to the state requiring it.

Hospital requires flu vaccines for all employees

ABC7Chicago.com –
be required to wear a face mask while in all patient areas during flu season. The vaccine for H1N1 will also be mandatory, depending on the availability.

The Shot or the Pink Slip: A Hobson’s Choice

Canada Free Press – Jerry A. Kane -‎
The federal government has extended “liability immunity against tort claims” for its five swine H1N1 flu vaccine contractors should their vaccines be linked

Vaccine Protest

WXXA – Paul Merrill – ‎

The task of making sure that healthcare workers are vaccinated will be left up to the hospitals.

Daines says he is not planning to receive the swine flu vaccines

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